Holiday Bundle - 6 Pack & Scarf

Holiday Bundle - 6 Pack & Scarf

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Style:Organic Lager

Mill St scarf bundled with a 6 pack of your choice

Choose from Organic Lager, Organic Mix Pack, Fruit Market Mix Pack

Organic Mix Pack:

Organic Lager - The heartbeat of our brewery - this was the first beer that we ever brewed back in 2002 when we opened our doors. The idea of making organic beer was a precept of our company, it still represents that spirit of doing the right thing and that governs everything we do here at Mill Street.

Organic Hazy IPA - Introducing our first certified organic IPA - the Hazy Organic IPA; brewed with two certified organic US-grown hop varieties, Sultana and Amarillo hops. These hops deliver a bouquet of tropical, citrus, floral, and pine aromas. The beer is fruity and features west coast pine character, robust bitterness, and a smooth mouthfeel.

Organic Pilsner - Organic Pilsner is a full-flavoured German lager crafted with traditional ingredients.  This brilliantly, light golden beer features a long lasting white head.  French Strisselspalt & German Hersbrucker hops provide classic noble hop aroma – a delicate balance of floral, spicy, herbal and subtle citrus notes. The finish is crisp and malty with just enough bitterness to entice you to take another sip.

Organic Style-Sangria - Our organic sangria-style is a unique offering inspired by white wine sangria! Our beer base is co-fermented with white grape juice for a true-to-style sangria profile. Hibiscus flowers are infused into the beer at the end of fermentation to create a lovely floral note and a beautiful colour. Back sweetened using real pineapple and mango juice, this sangria beer is easy drinking, super fruit-forward, and refreshing.

100th Meridian Organic Amber Lager - Brewed with organic prairie malt and Bravo and Cascade hops, our organic 100th Meridian Amber Lager™ is firmly grounded in North American brewing tradition. This flavourful amber beauty is our quintessential American-style craft˛ lager.

Belgian Organic Wit - Classic Belgian Wit recipe featuring co-fermentation with organic orange juice concentrate to boost citrus character.

Fruit Market: 

Tangerine Sour - Aromas of fruit-forward hops and tart tangerine juice greet you, combined with the look and taste of fresh-squeezed tangerines. • Fruit flavor-forward, tart, and refreshing.

Raspberry Wheat - With its pronounced Raspberry and light dry hop aromatics, bold fruit flavours and effervescence, this beer is best enjoyed with a side of sunshine.

Watermelon Wheat - Fresh watermelon on the nose and bright watermelon character stands-out to taste. Light hop bitterness adds a mouth cleansing character. Very refreshing!

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